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This is a platform designed to guide and nurture creative pursuits in the most authentic way possible.

Here, we believe that all creatives share universal experiences. By sharing authentic stories, we seek to render the experience living the artist’s life a little less solitary.

What to expect:

Once a week:

  • We put out multimedia content from contributors and staffers alike. These publications are published with the intention to educate, comfort, motivate, inspire, and guide the creative community.

  • Separately, we also feature artists and creatives that are randomly chosen from our followers on Instagram/Threads.

Once a month:

  • We release a carefully curated list of resources and opportunities for all creatives that we like to call the BYE Almanac.

  • The Almanac’s resources cover the following creative mediums:

    • Filmmaking

    • Photography

    • Digital & Fine Art

    • Music & Audio

    • Creative Writing

  • Paid members of BYE get every opportunity with a due date associated with them automatically sent to their google calendars.


We invite professionals to come and host online workshops for our subscribers. While we do occasionally host free workshops, free members must typically purchase virtual tickets to enter, while paid members are granted free entry.

Every workshop is recorded and later published on our website for paid members to revisit & rediscover on their own time.

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Multi-media publication for creatives. Brought to you by those proudly living the artist's life.


Multi-media publication for creatives. Brought to you by those proudly living the artist's life.
Writing about whatever comes to mind really – internet culture, tech, philosophy, history, politics, recovery, and stuff...
Hello! I'm Lauren – an experienced writer, editor, and social media manager from Vancouver, BC living in Montreal, Quebec.
Curious intellectual living life one misadventure at a time.
Founder of the Byte Your Expression Substack. Filmmaker & Photographer. Student at McGill University.
I am an author from the West Coast, with 12 years of experience in the digital publishing industry, including a three-book deal, under my initials for oddball romantic comedy titles with Extasy Books, starting with Sweet Memories out October 20th.
A recent English and Philosophy graduate. A writer/ independent filmmaker based in Toronto ON. I specialize in communications, written composition, and creativity—if creativity is even a specialty? Check out the Byte Your Expression newsletter.