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Loren Forster - Writer/Editor/Social Media Manager

Hi, I’m Lauren! I am a writer, editor, and social media manager living in Montréal, Quebec.

My writing experience is diverse and includes such areas as blog writing for online magazines, article writing and editing for arts collectives, academic writing, and editorial biography. My academic history is situated in media studies, cultural analysis, and social theory.

When I’m not writing I enjoy reading snowy ski mountain murder mysteries, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and exploring the beautiful outdoors.

Lauren's Portfolio

Trevor McNeil - Author/Editor

An author and editor of novellas, novels and other things. Born in Toronto and raised in Yukon, I currently reside on Vancouver Island.

I currently freelance as culture historian, and a ghostwriter. Starting out at a ghostwriting company writing and editing a novella a week in nearly every genre for nearly five years, I’ve made it to the next level of my career. Landing a three-book publishing contract with Extasy Books, the first of which Sweet Memories, is slated for release October 27th.

I live in a cabin in the woods with my dog and several squirrels and firmly believe The Smiths would have been better as a trio.

Trevor’s Sample Works:

The Ooky Spooky World of Aurelio Voltaire by T.S. McNeil | The History of Rain: A Review by T.S. McNeil | A Look at Jewish Surrealism Through Franz Kafka | Mean Little Dog

Sweet Memories, a Novel By Trevor McNeil, coming October 27th 2023

Simone White - Writer/Filmmaker/Content Designer

Hi guys! I’m Simone, a recent English and Philosophy graduate trying to pave a path for myself as a creative. I am an author of various short stories, poems and scripts. I have created a wide range of independent projects ranging from short films, digital-based product and copywriting designs, and I am currently working on a short digital comic book titled Agent of God.

I currently work as a Google Ads Specialist based in Toronto and I’m always working on improving my craft. Much of my work is centred around themes of anxiety, existentialism, power dynamics, speculative fiction, and the overall human experience. In my free time I watch and analyze films, I work on my writing, I practice my non-existent guitar skills on my pretty little telecaster, and I immerse myself in nature with my antihistamines at hand.

Simone’s Portfolio Archive

Camille Akers - Poet/Self-Published Author

Hi, I’m Camille! I’m an undergraduate student in New England, studying literature and also exploring: journalism, Spanish and Mandarin. I am a self-published author and have recently had poetry accepted to “Down In The Dirt” magazine. I’m at the beginning of my literary/creative journey, and welcome you to join me. Follow me on Threads (@akers.camille) to stay connected.

When I’m not writing, I’m updating my Goodreads, playing with my dog, drinking iced coffee and/or watching Gilmore Girls.

Camille’s Personal Substack

Cierra Cowan - Writer/Musician/Adventurer

I’m Cierra – a freelance copywriter by day, English literature grad student by night, and passionate orchestra musician somewhere in between (among other things, of course!). In addition to my strong arts and humanities background, I also studied neuroscience during my undergrad. My current graduate research considers theories of cognitive neuroscience and psychology as a framework for literary analysis. When I’m not reading, writing, thinking, or creating, I’m usually hiking a mountain, cooking something yummy, or laughing at myself. 

Cierra’s Personal Blog AND Portfolio

Stefan Rhys-Williams – Contributing Writer & Freelance Journalist

I’m a British writer based in Bristol, in the South-West of England near the Welsh border.

I work in advertising as a copywriter and also write and publish my own work which I suppose I’d describe as creative nonfiction. Or essays. I’m not really married to any particular format.

Subjects I’ve written about recently include: our relationship with technology and how that’s changing us as individuals – especially with the rapid developments taking place around AI at the moment; mental health & addiction; underreported historical narratives that I think deserve a little more attention; and cultural commentary.

Most of my work can be found on Substack here.

I’ll be contributing an original piece specifically for BYE’s audience on a monthly basis. Consider it a regular dispatch from the UK – my aim will be to keep you informed about what’s going on over here but I expect I’ll stray from that brief.

Be assured that I won’t be limiting myself to the confines of the small island I happen to inhabit anyway…

You can follow me on Threads and Instagram @stefanrhyswilliams and Twitter (or X, if you insist) @stefanrw1 where I post my work regularly – and sometimes get into fights. In a polite kind of way though…

And I’ll also be keeping track of any pitches you send our way!

On that note, email with “Pitch” as the subject heading if that’s something you’re interested in exploring with us.


Stefan’s Portfolio.